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Our History

Blackstone Commodity Group has been involved in commodities and other alternative investments for a significant period of time. The leadership of the company has more than 10 years of experience trading the global markets. During which time we have been fortunate enough to experience many investment climates and cycles. We have witnessed and taken part in the great oil bull market that took crude oil to above $140 a barrel in 2008 and then the subsequent plunge in oil prices. We have gone through the impressive bull market in gold and silver from 2009-2011and its correction in price, and also witnessed the harrowing crash in the stock market in 2008. 

This diverse market experience has allowed us to help clients gain the proper perspective of market cycles and navigate them on how they can protect their assets and prepare for significant opportunities during the major turning points in the markets.


A diversified portfolio will tend to protect you during times of cyclical change because you will have a balance of assets that will react differently during these cycles. 

Our Philosophy

However at Blackstone Commodity Group, we don’t believe in the archaic way of diversifying a portfolio. The conventional way of investing changed forever in 2008. In today’s investment climate you should be more nimble and alert with how you manage your portfolio. 

This is why we believe we have one of the best ways of educating our clients about the markets, through live presentations as financial markets around the world begin to move. Hence our mission is to help you learn, then invest and have success that can be lasting.

The goal of every investor should be to build a well-diversified portfolio that is designed to weather any political and economic environment while achieving  growth over the long term.  The first step towards achieving your goal is to educate yourself and understand all of your options when building your investments. Your asset mix should change to fit various life milestones and market conditions. 

Our Approach

Retirement account holders can use their IRA, 401-K and most other qualified retirement plans to invest in assets other than traditional stock market investments.  Your tax advantaged retirement dollars can take investments outside of the stock market and continue to retain the tax advantaged status you enjoy within those accounts.

Blackstone Commodity Group helps clients pursue alternative investments utilizing their IRA’s. We work with one of the leading IRA providers in the nation that allows alternative investments to be placed within retirement accounts. We help you find the right investments, and negotiate the acquisition by your IRA. Our IRA provider will provide the bookkeeping services along with making sure that the paperwork substantiates that the asset is part of your IRA, and therefore deserves the tax benefits associated with the account type.

As the volatility in the broader marketplace has increased significantly over the recent months which is an early indication of further stock market turmoil to unfold. Investors are choosing to move their hard earned retirement funds from the stock market into alternative assets like real estate, precious metals and more within a Self-Directed IRA in order to protect their funds from losing value as a result of the heightened volatility in the traditional stock market. Investors are using their qualified retirement accounts (IRA’s) to invest in a wide variety of alternative physical or paper assets without penalty while keeping the tax benefits associated with that account type.  

We welcome you to explore our company and learn about the different vehicles you can utilize, when investing in alternative assets that can provide you with security, returns, as well as a mechanism to build sustained investment success and wealth.

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