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Should You Buy Gold Right Now?

precious metals

Mukarram Mawjood, founder of Bullionite and Chief Investment Officer at Blackstone Commodity Group takes a look at the gold markets that were recently affected or significantly responded to a fundamental event. In this video he will dissect and provide a deep analysis of the gold market and how gold responded to recent events, what is happening now and could happen in the future.

The silver market is moving, should you buy or sell?

in the markets

Get ready, the silver markets are moving. Get the latest silver stock market update with investor professional Mukarram Mawjood, founder of Bullionite and CIO at Blackstone Commodity Group, as he takes us on a deep dive into what the equity markets are doing and if now is the time to get into Silver! Buy or sell? Find out in this episode.

Investing into gold and silver coins

fundamental events

Join Bullionite founder and Blackstone Commodity CIO, Mukarram Mawjood, in this show and tell of gold and silver coins, and why its more advantageous to invest in the actual currency. Save money and future headaches with these fantastic professional tips

Gold and silver markets review

Deep dive

Mukarram Mawjood, Founder of Bullionite and Chief Investment Officer at Blackstone Commodity Group looks at the direct correlation between gold and silver, and why both are becoming rising stars in the current state of the market and answers questions clients have frequently asked him. These include thoughts on the market, what could happen and how to get ready for what happens, and how do you protect yourself from losses.

Equity Market Analysis

exploring the equity markets

Mukarram Mawjood, Founder of Bullionite and Chief Investment Officer at Blackstone Commodity Group continues to analyze the markets (gold, crude oil, stock/equity market) that were impacted by the recent significant fundamental events. In this video he discusses the effect they had on the different equity markets (S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq) and what could happen in the future.


Buying gold is part of a portfolio diversification strategy recommended by many experts as a hedge against inflation, stagflation and recession in times of uncertainty.

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The goal of every investor should be to build a well diversified portfolio that is designed to weather any political and economic environment while achieving growth over the long-term.

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